The nutritional value of walnuts is undoubtedly important for the human body. Contains 68,5g fat per 100g walnut kernels and 70% of the fat content is polyunsaturated fatty acids known as omega-3 fatty acids. Also contain fiber, vitamin E, B6, magnesium, calcium and other important components, so it can be characterized functional foods, after helping to improve important health parameter.

Nutritional value per 30g walnut


Fat 18 g
Omega-3 fatty acids 2.5g
Calories 185
Proteins 9%
Fibre 8 %
Ferrum 5%
Magnesium 14%
Phosphorus 14%
Zinc 11%
Copper 50%
Manganese 54%
Vitamin Β6 12%
Folic acid 7%
Vitamin Ε 2%

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